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Week 1 - It Really Is The Good Life

Posted on February 20, 2012 at 5:00 AM

Hey everyone! It's the first MOTW! You will find that I post many types of music here including pop, techno, orchestral, epic, and (gasp) even dubstep.

For future reference, songs are best heard at the highest resolution (unless stated otherwise, so please turn it up to the highest - usually 480p, 720p, or 1080p) in the youtube videos and with stereo headphones. That means with both earbuds in. Now, let the music take you into another world...where it's just you and the music.

Monday: Good Life by OneRepublic

What I love about OneRepublic is the meaning in their songs. But it's not mainly the lyrics that capture my attention in this song. It's the guitar and the whistling. Such a simple melody, but so beautiful. Also, the harmonies in this song are amazing. Pay attention to the synthpads in the beginning at about 0:05. Take a listen. You won't regret it.

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Tuesday: Doesn't Mean Anything by Ahmir

This is a cover of a song by Alicia Keys. Ahmir is unique because their harmonies seem to bering more meaning to the original song. You may see Ahmir again in the near future. So open your ears and put some headphones on. The amazing harmonies will make your heart lift up to the heavens.

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Wednesday: Galaxies by Owl City

Galaxies is a song with deep meaning, as are most of Owl City's songs. The hybrid orchestral-synthpop feel here is what really gets me. If you really listen to the lyrics, you can hear a Christian influence. Let the strings and synths transport you to another galaxy.

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Thursday: Flow Like Water by James Newton Howard

This song comes from the movie "The Last Airbender." Although critics didn't enjoy the movie, the music was still phenomenal. James Newton Howard is one of my favorite composers. He ranks out among the top with John Williams and James Horner (you'll see some of them too on MOTW). This song is the ending theme from the movie, and is very cinematic. I encourage you to listen to the full six and a half minutes. The string theme will pull you into a peaceful state, and you will follow the flow of the water to the end. Let the french horn soothe your mind as you drift along a deserted river. The last minute of the song is a suspenseful theme...let your mind picture what is happening.

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Friday: Flynn Lives by Daft Punk

Daft Punk is known for their techno. However, while composing music for the movie Tron Legacy, they took a different spin: a hybrid of techno and orchestral. This genre is probably my favorite. This is another ending theme from the movie. Delve into the progression of this masterpiece, and although this piece has no techno in it, it will blow your mind by the end.

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Saturday: Fist of Might by Pierre Gerwig Langer

Pierre Gerwig Langer is one of my favorite composers. His epic pieces bring...well, epicness to my day. Here is one of my favorites of his. During this song, picture a burning building and the efforts to put out the fire. Picture this....and enjoy.

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Sunday: May It Be by Celtic Woman

Sung by Lisa Kelly of the group Celtic Woman, this beautiful cover of an Enya song (you'll see Enya later) is in my opinion better than the original. Enya is really hard to beat, so that tells you something. The bass drum and orchestra in the beginning is extremely epic and moving, not to mention the beautiful celtic melodies in the vocal. This is a beautiful closing to Week 1 of MOTW, and I hope you enjoyed everything!

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Have a wonderful music-filled week!


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10:01 PM on April 9, 2012 
I look forward to discovering lots of new music! Start the show!