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Week 3 - You Go There, You're Gone Forever

Posted on March 26, 2012 at 6:00 AM


Hi everyone! Sorry for the REALLY late post. I had a whole bunch of stuff to do over the past few weeks. Regardless, here's your weekly dose of music. (Hopefully I'll be back on schedule by next Monday).

Monday: Anywhere Is by Enya

What a brilliant song! Unlike her normal style, this Enya song is upbeat and full of life. An interesting storyline that reminds me of a maze through the lyrics. Not to mention the addictive beat and stupendous instrumentation! Take a listen as you find your way.

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Tuesday: All This Time by OneRepublic

This is probably my favorite sad song ever. The heartbreaking piano and lyrics nearly had me to tears. The chords will strike your heartstrings like a piano, and you will be moved. Prepare yourself for an experience of a lifetime.

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Wednesday: Glaciers by Scott Director

This is a concert band piece I fell in love with at first sight (sound?). It explores the glacier's movement and destruction, as well as hope for a new beginning. The theme played by the french horn and other instruments is quite superb. I hope you feel uplifted by the themes in this wonderful piece.

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Thursday: Party in the CIA by Weird Al Yankovic

So far, you haven't really heard a comedic song from me. Let this be a great start. Weird Al Yankovic's lyrics are extremely funny, if you haven't heard any of his songs. This is one of my favorites of his new songs.

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Friday: "Home of the Blues" Piano Cover by Owl City

I found this about a month ago. Even though I despise most country songs, covers can get to me. This is one of those. Owl City took a country song an turned it into something I loved. He must be a genius to do that. Anyway, this song is beautiful in all respects, with lyrics and chord structure. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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Saturday: Heroic Tale by Pierre Gerwig Langer

This is a beautiful song by Pierre Gerwig Langer, who I admire for his skill at composing epic music. This song is no exception. Picture Earth in the first half of the song, in the lonely area of space, and as the music picks up, you are traveling through a wormhole. As the vocals enter again in a powerful and mystical moment, you have arrived at another world, as spaceships zoom past. Add as much detail as you can to this song. Follow the storyline, and you will not regret the power you feel after listening to this song.

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Sunday: Time by Hans Zimmer

One of my favorite composers, Hans Zimmer has done music for several amazing soundtracks, including Pirates of the Caribbean, Kung Fu Panda, and The Dark Knight. This song is from the movie Inception, which I both loved the plot line and the soundtrack of. This is the ending theme, and one of the most beautiful progressive pieces I have ever heard. Let the chords strike within you, and feel complete as we end this week's MOTW.

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Thank you for the opportunity to express music with all of you, and have a wonderful music-filled week!


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